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Before you begin

Extras Alerts uses Pay Pal for all subscription transactions.

Log into your personal Pay Pal here make sure all your contact and credit card information is up to date.

Note: If you do need to make any updates to your Pay Pal information there may be up to a 48 hour wait for changes to take effect and allow you to make purchases again.

If you do not have a Pay Pal account you can make one for free here

Note: If you do need to make a new Pay Pal account there may be up to a 48 hour wait until you can make purchases.

For all other Pay Pal problems contact Pay Pal user support here

Subscribing to Extras Alerts OPEN is a two step process.

Step 1 Click the Extras Alerts OPEN Pay Pal Checkout link below and complete the Pay Pal transaction.

NOTE: Upon completing your Pay Pal transaction you will be auto forwarded to the Extras Alerts OPEN subscription application form.

Step 2 Completely fill out all required information on the entire Extras Alerts OPEN subscription application form and click the blue submit button at the very end when done.

NOTE: For best results use a Gmail address (for Extras Alerts OPEN emails only) to subscribe and use the official Gmail app for iPhone and Android to receive Extras Alerts OPEN emails.

After submitting your Extras Alerts OPEN subscription application form we will configure our systems for your profile. This process may take up to two hours during normal business hours. This process may take longer after or before business hours including weekends and holidays.

EXTRAS  ALERTS  OPEN  is not currently accepting new subscribers.

Check out and Stay Tuned.