Extras Alerts Pro continuously searches the internet for new background casting notices and weeds-out most that do not fit you based on your union status, gender, portrayable ethnicities and then emails you the casting notices that you will more likely be able to submit for.

A preview release (BETA test) of our personal casting notifications by email service Extras Alerts Pro is now open to a limited number of testers.  If you are a professional background actor looking for work in the Los Angeles area and would like early access to our service in exchange for providing us with feedback we can use to improve Extras Alerts Pro for future public release please apply for our test by filling out the form below.

For fast Extras Alerts Pro email notifications we recommend using a Gmail Account and the Gmail App for Android or iPhone.  Both your Gmail Account and Gmail App must have properly configured settings in order to quickly notify you of new casting notices.  We will provide you with some basic Gmail settings instructions after you sign up.

Get a free Gmail account here https://accounts.google.com/SignUp