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Extras Alerts is an analytics service that independently and continuously processes background casting notices found on social media and shares more relevant new data findings with you. Bringing Order to Chaos

Extras Alerts Pro features fast 24/7 background casting notifications filtered to match your union status, gender, portrayable ethnicities and sent to your email inbox.

A preview release (BETA test) of our personal casting notifications by email service Extras Alerts Pro is now open to a limited number of testers.

If you are a professional background actor looking for work in the Los Angeles area and would like early access to our service in exchange for providing us with feedback we can use to improve Extras Alerts Pro for future public release please apply for our test by filling out the form below.

  • Extras Alerts is not a casting company.
  • Extras Alerts Pro is not intended to be a replacement for your booking company, Facebook or Twitter, however, your mileage may vary.
  • Extras Alerts processes new background casting notices posted on social media, all day, every day, however, not every post is processed.

Extras Alerts Pro is a powerful tool for professional background actors who are seriously looking for work and who may not have time every day to dig through social media to find it.


We want you to have the best user experience with our service therefore:

1. You need a “Gmail” email address (free here

Extras Alerts Pro uses Gmail and when you also use Gmail you will get the fastest casting notifications by email possible if you follow the basic Gmail settings instructions included in your welcome email from us.

Overall speeds may vary and depend on various factors including but not limited to; services, networks, devices, locations and conditions both environmental and on the internet.

2. If you already are a  Gmail user we recommend that you use a separate Gmail address from your existing / main Gmail address for your Extras Alerts Pro casting notification emails:

– Your personal and business emails will not get mixed in or buried on busy casting days.

– You can set a custom sound on iPhone or Android for new Extras Alerts Pro casting notification emails.

If you still prefer to use your existing Gmail address (some users do find it easier to have everything in one place) that is OK just be aware that on busy casting days you will be getting a lot of emails. (you may change your Extras Alerts Pro Gmail address later if you want too)

3. Extras Alerts Pro is a BETA test and we are working to make it better all the time.

You may receive some Extras Alerts Pro email notifications that are outside of your profile, these are “bugs” please click the email reply button to tells us so we can work on fixing them.

If you have any suggestions please tell us.

If we ask you to take a survey please do so.



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(If you submit an email address that is incorrect in any way we will not be able to contact you at all.)

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