EXTRAS ALERTS Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Extras Alerts Pro?
Extras Alerts Pro delivers personal background casting notifications by email as a service.

Who Is Extras Alerts Pro For?
Extras Alerts is for professional background actors looking for work in the Los Angeles area.

How Does Extras Alerts Pro Work?
Extras Alerts checks for new background casting notices posted on the internet and sorts posts according to union status, gender and ethnicity. Posts are then sent to matching subscribers by email.

What If I Need Help Setting Up My Extras Alerts Pro Email notifications?
The good news is there is nothing you absolutely need to do after you sign up.  There are some customizations available for Gmail users on our How To’s page.

How Can I Share Ideas, Suggestions & Feedback With Extras Alerts?
We welcome your comments in our Google Plus forum. Thanks for your interest in Extras Alerts.

How Can I Subscribe To Extras Alerts Pro?
A preview release of our personal casting notifications by email service Extras Alerts Pro is now open to a limited number of testers. If you are a professional background actor looking for work in the Los Angeles area and would like early access to our service in exchange for providing us with feedback we can use to improve Extras Alerts for future public release please apply for our test.