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Extras Alerts PRO is a powerful tool for professional background actors who are seriously looking for work and seriously want to save time.

Extras Alerts PRO emails are matched to your selected union status, gender, portray-able ethnicity and include full text casting notice with a post link.

Extras Alerts PRO portray-able ethnicity matching puts more of the casting notices you can submit for front and center and ignores the rest.

Extras Alerts PRO full text background casting notices, not only faster submitting, easier too!

  • click to call – Submitting by phone? Using your iPhone or Android and the official Gmail app, all you need to do is click on the included phone number to start calling fast.
  • click to email – Submitting by email? You are already in Gmail! All you need to do is click on the included email address link to start responding fast.

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Disclaimer – 

Extras Alerts PRO is not a casting company. Extras Alerts PRO is not affiliated with any casting directors.

Extras Alerts PRO is not a booking or management service, you manage your own schedule.

Extras Alerts PRO is a tool to help you find background work to book yourself.

Extras Alerts PRO monitors social media and processes new background casting notices, all day, every day, however, Extras Alerts PRO does not re-share every post from anyone.

For best results use a Gmail address (for Extras Alerts PRO emails only) to subscribe and use the official Gmail app for iPhone and Android to receive Extras Alerts PRO emails.

All subscribers / users are subject to Extras Alerts PRO; Terms of Subscription, Terms of Service and Terms of Use.