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Extras Alerts PRO is a powerful tool for professional background actors who are seriously looking for work and do not have time every day to dig through social media to find it.

Extras Alerts PRO includes full text background casting notices with links matched to selected union status, gender, portray-able ethnicity and sent to your email inbox everyday.

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Not all subscription applications will be approved.

Extras Alerts is not a casting company. 

Extras Alerts is not affiliated with any casting directors.

Extras Alerts is not intended to be a replacement for your booking or management service, however, your results may vary.

Extras Alerts processes new background casting notices, all day, every day, however, not every post is processed or delivered

For best results use a Gmail address to subscribe and use the official Gmail app for iPhone and Android to receive Extras Alerts.

* Gmail * Extras Alerts is designed to work with a dedicated Extras Alerts ONLY Gmail address for additional functionality.  

Gmail filters are optional user controlled settings and must be set by the user to work.  Full instructions are in the Extras Alerts PRO User Guide

Extras Alerts is not affiliated with Google.

**  Fast 24/7 delivery ** requires proper Gmail and device settings.  The overall speed at which users receive Extras Alerts email notifications depends on various factors including but not limited to; services, networks, devices, locations and conditions both environmental and on the internet and will fluctuate from time to time.

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