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Extras Alerts is an analytics service that independently and continuously processes background casting notices found on social media and shares more relevant new data findings with subscribers. Bringing Order to Chaos

Extras Alerts FREE features up to forty background casting notifications matched to your union status, gender and sent to your email inbox everyday.

Extras Alerts FREE
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Disclaimer – 

Not all subscription applications will be approved.

Extras Alerts is not a casting company.

Extras Alerts processes new background casting notices, all day, every day, however, not every post is processed.

Extras Alerts is designed to work with a dedicated Extras Alerts ONLY Gmail address for additional functionality

Extras Alerts is not intended to be a replacement for your booking company, Facebook or Twitter, however, your results may vary.

All users are subject to Extras Alerts; Terms of Subscription, Terms of Service and Terms of Use.

*  Fast 24/7 delivery * requires proper Gmail and device settings.  The overall speed at which users receive Extras Alerts email notifications depends on various factors including but not limited to; services, networks, devices, locations and conditions both environmental and on the internet and will fluctuate from time to time.

*** NO SIGN UP FEES *** a new user may sign up for (any version of) Extras Alerts only one time. REACTIVATION FEES APPLY ******

**** NO CANCELLATION FEES ****  users may cancel anytime NO REFUNDS. Cancellation is deactivation,  REACTIVATION FEES APPLY ******

****** REACTIVATION FEES APPLY ****** only when reactivating a previously suspended or cancelled user account.