Download Extras Alerts Pro Spam Guard Gmail Filter

How to filter casting notices to block from spam using an Extras Alerts Pro Gmail filter.

To complete this process as described you must use all of the following:

1) A laptop or desktop computer (Mac or Windows or Chrome).

2) A standard two button (left click / right click) mouse.

3) A web browser (firefox, chrome, safari, ect,).

4) A dedicated Gmail account for your Extras Alerts Pro email notifications.

Follow these instructions to download the Extras Alerts Pro Spam Guard Gmail filters and apply to your Gmail.


1) Scroll down to find the spam guard filter listed below.

2) Mouse over and right click (on the link of the spam guard filter) to download (save link as) and save to your computer’s downloads folder.

Extras Alerts Pro Spam Guard Gmail Filter



Instructions to apply the downloaded Extras Alerts Pro Spam Guard Gmail filter to your Gmail continue here.