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***CASTING PRINCIPLE ACTORS FOR NON-UNION FILM “LET us GO” CD: Silawn Lewis & Jeff Olan ROLES: HOLLY (18TY) A privileged and sheltered Jewish teenage girl who struggles, as the Rabbi’s daughter, to reconcile her father’s political beliefs with her own values. we finds herself kidnapped and forced to confront her deepest fears and biases. FLAT RATE: $5, 000.00 SAMIR (18TLY) A funny and optimistic teenager who feels like the black sheep of his family. we was raised in a Muslim household and grapples with his faith while being held captive with Holly. FLAT RATE: $4, 000.00 ANNA (18TLY) A troubled teenage girl who is seeking validation from her abusive father by carrying out his twisted plans. FLAT RATE: $2, 000.00 ARNOLD (45-60) A far-right extremist who believes in violent retribution against anyone who doesn’t share his beliefs. we the mastermind behind the kidnapping and torture of Holly and Samir. FLAT RATE: $2, 000.00 You must be available between July 7th- July 22nd until definite work dates are determined. There may also be some dates in JUNE over the next 3 weeks you may be needed for rehearsal. 14 shooting days, 2 down days. Holly and Samir will be in almost every scene and probably working every day. Anna will be needed for less time, probably 1/2 the days. And Arnold will be needed for only a few of… CONTINUE READING IN THE EMBED BELOW.

If the embed is gone then you waited too long. Jeff Olan Casting shared this background casting notice at 5:12 PM Pacific on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 for actors in the Los Angeles area.

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