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So now they are requiring you to have a ROOSTER shot, of the same stuff that did not work the first two times you got it. Well cock-a-doodle-doo Background Friends, better wake up fast, if you still can.

***Must ***Be ***Fully ***Dosed *** Union submissions for males & females to portray upscale funeral guests to portray age 50’s to 70’s Test on Saturday 3/12 Costume Fitting on Monday 3/14 Test on Tuesday 3/15 Shoot Day: Thursday 3/17, you must be (1) either (a) fully fully dosed with the fully dosed AND received a ROOSTER if you are eligible for a ROOSTER. Also: if you received the A and N fully dosed, then three doses of any combination of “P, M, J, A, or N fully dosed would deem you ROOSTER or (b) fully fully dosed with the fully dosed but not yet ROOSTER eligible; or… CONTINUE READING IN THE EMBED BELOW.

If the embed is gone then you waited too long. Central Casting shared this background casting notice at 9:21 PM Pacific on Friday, March 11, 2022 for actors in the Los Angeles area.

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